We all miss Brie. As our family adjusts to our loss, and the memories of Brie play over in our mind, a determination sets in to keep that memory alive. For whatever reason, her life was cut short. As a parent, the physical loss of a child is only the tip of an iceberg. Another loss you grieve is the loss of “seeing your child grow up and make their own mark on the world”. The loss of “experiencing that pride you have in seeing the end result of your parenting”. For us, there was a serious commitment that we made with God to raise our children to carry out His works and leave this world better for them living here.
Brie was on earth only a short time, but she lived up to that commitment. As her Dad, I can be very proud of that. As part of her family, we have tried to carry on some things that we feel were important to Brie. It is our way of allowing Brie to carry on and make her mark on this world.

The following pages share some of the memorials that have been established in Bries memory and her honor. Many, many people have played a part in making these possible, and we want to say "thank you" to each and every one.
A Thank You.......