If I should try to say anew the creed of the optimist, I should say something like this: "I believe in God, I believe in man, I believe in the power of the spirit. I believe it is a sacred duty to encourage ourselves and others; to hold the tongue from any unhappy word against God's world, because no man has any right to complain of a universe which God made good, and which thousands of men have striven to keep good. I believe we should so act that we may draw nearer and more near the age when no man shall live at his ease while another suffers." These are the articles of my faith, and there is yet another on which all depends to bear this faith above every tempest which overfloods it, and to make it a principal in disaster and through affliction. Optimism is the harmony between man's spirit and of God pronouncing His works good.

by Helen Keller (1903)

Words of Meaning
The meaning of "Briannon"
Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Strong, Ascends. Feminine of Brian
Origin: English

Meaning: She Ascends
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(I came across this while reading Helen Keller's bio.
It just struck me as being so 'Brie like', not so much
the heavy words, but the strong meaning)
The meaning of
Scripture explanation of a dream Ryan (Brie's brother) had the week after Brie's death.

The righteous pass away: the Godly often die before
their time. And no one seems to care or wonder why.
No one seems to understand that God is protecting
them from the evil to come.
For the Godly who die will rest in peace.
Isaiah 57