The song 'Remember Me' came to me as I was traveling to Oklahoma to visit the Kickapoo Friends Center in anticipation of taking our youth there. At that time dealing with Brie's death was on the fore-front of my mind. As I rode along the highway, my only companion in the car was asleep, and I had a solid block of time, really for the first time since Brie's funeral to just think. It started to come to me about camp at Quaker Haven, how people can come for a week and have a life changing experience and leave with hopes that the new relationships that were made (especially those made with Christ) will be remembered. Then my thoughts trailed to Brie, and how powerful her funeral was to so many people as they were forced to think about the impact a life can have when it is lived to the full with Christ as the head, and how she most certainly will never be forgotten by a great number of people. Then, I began to think of Christ himself, and how He stated in scripture, "Do this in remembrance of Me." How many times do we forget Christ in our daily lives? The chorus of 'remember me when you're at your end' just seemed to tie it all together. All the feelings, and thoughts seemed to be summed up with those few words. We have events in our lives that really seem to point directly to Christ, and it is those times that I feel we have real opportunity to see what He is about. Even though we may not understand the manner in which He works, we will always have the assurance that He is present. It is our job to 'remember' Him as some of the people and events that exemplified His best come back to our minds.

The Inspiration of God
Pat Byers
Youth Director, Wabash Friends Church
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'Been There Band'
Aaron Scamihorn
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Ian Kaehr
Phil Hipskind
Remember Me
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