The Lost Family Member

You do not know what you have
until you have lost it all.
You cannot appreciate life
until you have lost the one you love.
Her hair was like a golden brown
And her eyes blue like the sky.
She always had a smile on
but just like that it was gone.
You know she is here
but you do not know where.
She looks down upon you
from heaven where she is safe.
We never think it can happen to us
that we can lose the one we love.
You thought she could always be safe
but just like that she was gone.
You always thought the best of people
and you always made good friends.
You accepted people for who they were
Just as we accepted each other.
You knew how to have a good time
even in a mule.
You always had the best of love
even if people were cruel.
You will be missed dearly
but your memory will never die
because Brie
you were the best person I ever knew.